Including Evergreen Content in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social networks require a lot of time and energy to keep up with an abundance of social media marketing posts. Of course, there are tools available to help with managing content and automating posts. However, another way to streamline your social media marketing efforts is to make good use of evergreen content! Let’s take a closer look.

What are Evergreen Posts?

Does the visual of evergreen trees come to mind when you hear the phrases “evergreen posts” or “evergreen content” mentioned? If the answer is yes, then you already have a basic understanding of what evergreen posts or content is in the world of social media marketing. If the content being posted is evergreen, that means that it is new, fresh, or relevant, regardless of when it was initially written. It is information that will remain current weeks, months or even years down the line, allowing you to share it regularly without the worry that it is passed its sell-by date.

How is it possible to continue to post old content and have it remain relevant and fresh? The answer is simple – pay attention to the type of content you are generating. Evergreen content is not related to newsworthy stories or the latest trends, but instead, is information that is always going to garner interest from your audience. That is not to say you shouldn’t be sharing cutting edge news and trending topics, those have value too, but make sure to sprinkle those posts with plenty of evergreen content also.

Using Evergreen Content

To use evergreen content efficiently as part of your social media marketing strategy, you also need to think about how and where you share it. For example, if you were to post the same evergreen content on Facebook four times in a single week it is highly unlikely to inspire your audience, and it may even come across as spammy! However, if you share the post on several different networks throughout the week, then people are less likely to notice the repetition.

A good rule of thumb is to create a significant amount of evergreen content, perhaps 20 – 30 pieces, with additional relevant articles, to share over the course of 3 months or more. This allows for the disbursement of the content across multiple social networks. The following is a list of all of the social networks on which to post evergreen content:

  • Twitter profiles
  • Personal Facebook profiles
  • Personal Google + profiles
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Instagram profiles
  • Pinterest boards
  • Business pages on Facebook
  • Groups on Facebook
  • Business pages on Google +
  • Company pages on LinkedIn

With an archive of evergreen content created it is important not to assume it will remain fresh and exciting. It is good practice to regularly check your content to remove or update content that may no longer be relevant or garner interest from your followers. For this content to serve you well in your social media marketing campaign, it is your responsibility to ensure you are delivering fresh and relevant content offering something of value to your readers.

To Your Best Online!

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