Is Your Content Marketing Missing its Mark?

Content marketing is something that takes a great deal of time and effort. If it isn’t producing the results, you are looking for it can be easy to wonder if it is even worth it! When content marketing is done correctly, it can be incredibly powerful, but as many as 50% of marketers do not have a clear idea of what makes an effective content marketing strategy. So, with that in mind let’s take a look at some of the ways to tell if your content marketing is impactful.

Monitor Email Conversion Rates

Sometimes, consumers are not quite ready to make a purchase, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to hear from you. Growing an email marketing list is one of the key goals of a content marketing strategy. It is possible to use content to drive email signups using various techniques.

The most common one is to ask readers to subscribe to your mailing list at the end of an article. However, if you are not getting the number of signups you anticipated it could be a clear indication that you need to work on your call to action – or even switch up your tactics completely. For example, you could place lead boxes in the body of the content instead. This is actually very easy to do! Check this Optin Box Builder out

Another great way to boost signups is to create content upgrades. This involves producing an additional piece of related content such as an ebook that offers additional value. Readers can only access this upgrade in exchange for signing up to an email list. Conversion rates can be as high as 10% on content upgrades, especially if the bonus you are offering is relevant to the main article.

Funnel Conversion

If like many marketers, your content marketing strategy is designed to guide readers down a defined content funnel then you need to be keeping a close eye on the results. Many marketers focus only on the organic traffic content generates. This is great, but does traffic have the same value if it is not converting into sales? Take steps to optimize all content fully, so it is directing readers to take specific actions on your website – whether that means completing a purchase or filling out a contact form. Track conversion by using Google Analytics for each piece of content and setting a conversion goal.

Tracking Content Shares

Another great way to evaluate how effective your content marketing strategy is would be to track how often your content is shared. This gives valuable insight into two key goals – Brand Awareness and Engagement. Like, Shares, Tweets, and ReTweets are all valuable since they give a good indication that the content you are putting out there is striking a chord with the audience. If you are not getting this type of engagement then it could be that the content is failing to hit the mark – or maybe you just need to make sharing a little easier by adding share buttons to your pages!

These are just a handful of the ways to gauge how effective your content marketing strategy is. Paying attention to these factors can make a huge difference to how well it performs.

To Your Best Online!

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