The Perfect Length for Social Video

Social video is one of the best ways to grow engagement with almost every social media platform now showcasing video content. Several platforms, including Facebook, actually prioritize native video content over other types of posts, so it is indeed something that should feature prominently in any social media marketing plan. However, one big question that everyone has is precisely how long should social video be for optimal results?

Let’s explore!

Consider Your Audience’s Attention Span

One of the most significant factors in successful social video content is getting the length right. Facebook allows up to 20 minutes of video footage to be uploaded, but that does not necessarily mean this is the best length for your video content. The average internet user has a reasonably limited attention span, and the average video loses 60% of its viewers by the 2-minute mark! In fact, statistics show that you only have 10 seconds to grab the audience’s attention! Instagram is probably much closer to the mark with their 60 seconds in-feed video limit.  With the popularity of Instagram on a seemingly unstoppable rise, it is a platform you need to add to your social video marketing strategy.

Overall, the average length of the most successful social video posts is between 24 and 90 seconds. Short, sweet and to the point! The one exception to this rule would be live streaming. Facebook themselves have made it clear to users that longer live broadcasts are more likely to attract viewers. The recommended length when you go live would be around 10 minutes as this gives viewers time to not only learn about the broadcast but also to share it and maybe even invite friends!

The Platform Matters

As already highlighted in the previous paragraph, the length of social video content will vary from one platform to the next. Not only do different social networks offer different maximum video length, but the audiences on each of these platforms is also looking for something different. People are more likely to search YouTube for a particular topic meaning they will be willing to invest a little more time in watching a longer video. However, when it comes to Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms where videos appear in the news feed it is more important to grab the viewers attention with shorter videos they can watch while scrolling. This is also where things like eye-catching thumbnails and snappy, descriptive thumbnails are going to come into play as well since these also help to grab viewer attention.

To Your Best Online!

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