Multiply Your Conversions with Dynamic Content

Above all else, the goal of any online marketing strategy is to secure conversions. As the online landscape has evolved, consumers have come to expect a somewhat personal touch, and it is this that will help boost conversion rates exponentially. Think about the way Netflix suggests content based on previous viewing or how Amazon recommends products based on browsing and purchasing habits. They do this through the use of dynamic content and you can too!

What is Dynamic Content?

The smallest way to define dynamic content is to say that it is content on a website that changes based on specific criteria. Usually, the changes occur based on the visitors’ previous behavior online or the information they have submitted to the site. For example, a landing page may show a first-time visitor a different offer than what is displayed for a returning customer. Ultimately, it offers each visitor a personalized experience making it more likely they will convert. Dynamic content can take your online marketing strategy to the next level. Some of the ways it can be incorporated include:

  • Landing Pages
  • Forms
  • Pop-Ups
  • Emails
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Dynamic Searches
  • Banner Ads
  • Redirects

Examples of Dynamic Content in Action

Almost every industry leader is making use of dynamic content as part of their online marketing strategy. It is one of the best ways to personalize the customer experience which in turn encourages them to use the service more often. Let’s take a look at a couple of examples of dynamic content at work.

1 – Google

Without a doubt, Google is the most visited website in the entire world, so of course, their online marketing strategy includes dynamic content. In fact, they use it in a variety of different ways! One that you have likely already noticed is the personalized search results served up based on your location. For example, someone in New York City who searches ‘restaurants near me’ gets different results than someone in Nashville or even someone on the other side of the city!

2 – Netflix

Netflix has fast become one of the biggest and the most popular streaming services around. As part of their online marketing strategy, they track what content each user is watching and personalizes viewing recommendations based on what else that user might enjoy. In fact, the Netflix homepage is one giant example of dynamic content in action. No two users see the exact same page – even two users in the same household will be shown different content when they log in using their individual profiles! It makes it much more user-friendly since the genres each person enjoys are give priority on the homepage making them easier to find!

3 – Amazon

One of the industries that probably benefits the most from including dynamic content into their online marketing strategy is retail. Amazon is an excellent case study to look at. Amazon tracks browsing history, search queries and purchases for its users allowing them to suggest recommended products users may be interested in buying. These are personalized for every customer making it a prime example of how dynamic content can drive conversions. If someone has previously purchased a specific pod style coffee maker, Amazon is likely to recommend pod refills and other accessories that complement the purchase.

How could your brand introduce dynamic content?

To Your Best Online!

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