You as a WHOLE Matter! Semantically Speaking

For many years there has been a keyword-focused approach to online and search engine marketing. Now there is a focus on the overall semantics (or meaning) of your combined content online for increased search rankings. (Top 9 Google Ranking Factors 2018). This means when writing content, topics should be your main focus, instead of keywords. Albeit, keywords still matter, just remember only in moderation.

Fun Fact! High Google Keyword Searches September 2018

Because your focus can shift, this is great for coming up with more creative content, not just centered around hitting a “keyword”. Having topics that are actually relevant and engaging to your target market creates more value for your brand. Remember not to be afraid to veer off the beaten path and try some subtopics for increased engagement; Yet, always be sure to track what’s the most interesting content for your target market, and repeat!

Be sure to establish goals so you have a benchmark to measure your content strategy’s success:

  • Is it bringing additional traffic to your website?
  • Are you ranking for the overall keywords that align with what your company is really about? (Do the keywords your ranking for overall represent what you have to offer)

So, you might be asking, how do you start your journey on choosing GREAT CONTENT TOPICS that are still going to help with SEO?

Use toolsets like SEMrush to find keywords and web pages that are receiving high traffic. This means there is an interest in these types of topics. Also, take the time to see which topics are having high trends, engagement, and chatter on social.

Another way to add more content marketing value is by adding blogs directly on your website. These are important and definitely add positive weight in Google’s algorithms when constantly layered on your site. Not to mention blogs can be easily shared across your multiple social channels to increase reach outside of your website.

In conclusion, the simple truth is to be real and be focused on conversations and content that is easy to digest and interesting to your target market. Don’t be a robot writing content just to rank. Really think about what you are saying when you create your content. Is it going to be impactful? Is it something you could see yourself speaking to someone in person? Is it relevant to the target market, even in a sideways way (You’d be surprised how many sideways topics ARE of interest to your target market and create brand loyalty).

To Your Best Online!

Ingrid Gee, Internet Marketing Consultant. Blue Dress® Marketing, an Internet Marketing Company headquartered in Knoxville, TN. Internet Marketing Developed, Implemented and Managed to Full Circle! Organic Internet Search Engine Guru. Turn Key Internet Optimization Programs Placing You Everywhere and Anywhere You Need to Be Online®


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