Founder of Bluedress®, Inc.

Ingrid Gee Founder Blue Dress, Inc.

Ingrid Griffin Founder Blue Dress, Inc.

Just a brief note from Ingrid Gee, our Founder and CEO:

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit our website and learn more about Blue Dress® Internet Company, Inc. My little story is about ‘The American Dream’ and marketing like crazy your passion!

I started my web company in my tiny little two bedroom apartment in 2009. It started off with one client and one employee (me). After six months of working with my one client, I acquired another client, then another. At that time, I had not marketed my company. But, what I realized, even with no marketing, I was still getting new business.

I saw a need for an online marketing specialist. It became clear business owners did not have the time to do all the marketing necessary within their company. It was also difficult for them to do marketing on a consistent basis and manage it so that all their online marketing ‘legs’ were working together to generate the maximum return.

I also noticed, most business owners did not know where to start, and to be quite honest really did not want to do the marketing themselves. But they knew they had to do something and did not necessarily want to hire an ‘internal’ marketing employee.

So, I began the process of developing the structure of my company. I also decided to make it a legit company and incorporated in April of 2010.

I have been my own business owner since I was 23 and understand what a business owner needs. I am excited to be a part of the solution. I also have a passion for helping others. In today’s over stimulated internet marketing world the business owner needs all the help they can receive! WE MAKE SENSE OF EVERYTHING ONLINE FOR YOUR BRAND!

Blue Dress’s® ‘American Dream’ is about business owners and their ‘American Dream’. We want to help the business owner succeed and fulfill their goals and help make profit. I do believe the American Dream is still obtainable with the right system, structure, and Marketing Plan in place.

Our Little Blue Dress Mission: To become the leader in Internet Marketing & Web Video Production. Everywhere and Anywhere You Need to Be Online® is our trademark statement! We work passionately with blood, sweat, and tears every day to take a step closer toward being THE INTERNET MARKETING LEADER for your benefit. We are excited about our exponential growth and progress we have had thus far.  With this mission, it means us diligently working every day to provide nothing but impeccable service, quality, and effectiveness for your internet marketing!

‘Our Signature Service Package’


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