Our Proprietary Program Details

Our Signature Marketing Plan is Development, Implementation, & Management of your Internet Marketing Strategy to Full Circle.

Our most sought after service is our Blue Dress® S.I.V.R. (Secret Internet Viral Recipe). This proprietary trade secret program is completed for most clients within 120 Days! And is guaranteed 99% of clients that complete this package will rank on the Top of All Major Search Engines! Call Ingrid our founder and originator of this powerful system today to see if your brand and product qualifies.

Blue Dress Signature Service
Blue Dress® S.I.V.R. Internet Powerhouse Program
1. Full Internet Marketing Plan Developed
Over 15 pages of step by step line item implementation and process. Goal tracking for benchmarks and future goals incorporated.
2. Implementation of Plan Full Circle
We handle the entire process from launch to finish, full circle. Making sure that every step of your program is implemented perfectly and to exact specifications outlined. Every detail, so you can focus on what you do best….running your day to day business!
3. Management of Full Plan Weekly
Week in week out, week in week out, we over see the development, implementation, and management of all your internet marketing. We are your own little internet marketing engine within your business.
4. Creation, Branding, and Design of all On-Line Messages, Company Descriptions, Products, Services and Profile Details
All content and graphics are created to be true & authentic to you and your brand. Custom made, originated from scratch to let your message and YOU shine flawlessly on line.
5. Launch of Your Own Custom Built, On-Line Multi-Channel Network (Client Owned)
Over 50+ different online ‘channels’ built. Your personally owned online ‘distribution network’ for your brand. Just a few examples are: Social Media, Blogs, Content publishing, Directory and Feature Listings
Up to 15-20 of these channels are hand crafted and designed from scratch to be a true authentic message vehicle. Other networks are built and maintained within a main central hub to remain accurate at a click of a button with link building, branding logos, descriptions. This creates a duplicatable, clear concise message with which to attract & engage your target market.
6. Creation of Fresh, Relevant, Authentic-To-You Content
EVERY week, week in week out, week in week out… Fresh content that is attractive and interesting blasted out to your ‘channels’/networks. 5x social media post across up to 10 different platforms. 1x week minimum blog and content article publishing.
7. Content Published and Distributed Frequently Across Your On-Line Multi-Channel Network
Once your authentic content is generated by our “Content & Design Creation ‘Elves’ and it passes all the QCs (Quality Control Checks) within our Blue Dress® standards and secret recipe checks, it gets approved to be launched across your multi channel network to share your message to the internet masses.
8. Systems Optimized for Full Circle Sustainability and Detailed Tracking Measures and Reports Weekly
No detail left behind. Weekly quality controls and checks within our main central Blue Dress® hub allow for systems checks and measures to ensure proper and full implementation of your program. Weekly tracking across platforms with full report sent of your ‘reach’ and progress.
9. This Creates Powerful Organic SEO and a Flawless Genuine Internet Presence
Once your program is complete and your channels are built (with real content that is true to you) we provide a 99% guarantee top of page ranking on search engines for any 3 chosen groups of categories (key word searches).
(Program must be followed and SIVR adhered to prior to launch. As well ʻkeysʼ must be picked upon most optimal recommendations).Blue Dress®, Inc. reserves the right to discontinue services should client fail to comply to guidelines necessary for full success.



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