Internet Optimization Package

Blue Dress® Marketing is a division of Blue Dress®, Inc. and we are an Internet Marketing Strategist and Specialist! We build powerful internet marketing systems and sustainable on-line platforms that generate powerful organic SEO!

Development, Implementation, & Management of your Internet Marketing Plan Full Circle.

Ask about our Internet Marketing Power House Program includes your personalized Internet Marketing Plan Blue Dress® “S.I.V.R.” Package. 99% guaranteed once completed client rank on Top of Major Search Engines, Organically. (Program must be followed and SIVR adhered to prior to launch. As well ʻkeysʼ must be picked upon most optimal recommendations).
Blue Dress®, Inc. reserves the right to discontinue services should client fail to comply to guidelines necessary for full success.

Internet Powerhouse Program
1. Full Internet Marketing Plan Developed
2. Implementation of Plan Full Circle
3. Management of Full Plan Weekly
4. Creation, Branding, and Design of all On-Line Messages, Company Descriptions, Products, Services and Profile Details
5. Launch of Your Own Custom Built, On-Line Multi-Channel Network (Client Owned)
6. Creation of Fresh, Relevant, Authentic-To-You Content
7. Content Published and Distributed Frequently Across Your On-Line Multi-Channel Network
8. Content Also Distributed Throughout Other eContent Networks Weekly
9. Systems Optimized for Full Circle Sustainability and Detailed Tracking Measures and Reports Weekly
10. This Creates Powerful Organic SEO and a Flawless Genuine Internet Presence


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